Novice Curriculum Committee FAQ

Have questions about the Novice Curriculum committee or the NCS? See here for common questions and answers. If you still have questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to for more assistance!

Which tournaments are opting to use the ADA Novice Curriculum Set (NCS)?

  1. GSU 9/17-9/19
  2. Kentucky 10/01-10/03
  3. Samford 10/14-10/16
  4. UMW 10/15-10/17
  5. Clarion ADA Fall Championship 11/18-11/20
  6. Illinois College tournament, Dec 2-4

What arguments are included in the 2016 NCS?

  1. Topicality
  2. Aff Cap and Trade (2 versions) with neg case arguments
  3. Aff RPS with neg case arguments
  4. Economy DA with aff answers
  5. Elections DA with aff answers
  6. States CP with aff answers
  7. Eco-managerialism K with aff answers
  8. Theory file

Where can we access the NCS files? The NCS Files can be accessed on this website, or in this dropbox folder.

How is the NCS evidence formatted? All evidence was produced with arguments underlined but NOT highlighted.  Debaters may repurpose, change underlining, or retag the evidence if they desire as long as it remains consistent with the originally produced argument.

Can novice debaters use evidence not in the NCS at tournaments that have opted to use the NCS? If a tournament chooses to host such a Novice Division, Debaters competing in that division may only use evidence from the set maintained by the ADA Novice Curriculum Committee.

What happens if a novice uses evidence outside the NCS? At tournaments where the Tournament host has designated that the Novice Division will be utilizing a restricted evidence set all evidence presented in such debates should be from the evidence maintained by the ADA Novice Curriculum Committee, and Debaters may not present evidence from outside the evidence set. (This does not include analytic arguments.)  At a minimum, judges should disregard evidence that is read that has not been approved by the NCC. Judges may also consider other possible consequences including awarding a loss to the violating team, which would be more appropriate for deliberate and/or repeated violations. It is the Judge’s decision that governs the round and judges are expected to abide by and enforce American Debate Association rules when judging.

Does using the NCS effect sweepstakes points? Sweepstakes points from Novice Divisions with a restricted evidence set shall be counted the same as from those without.

Who decides what evidence is included in the NCC? The ADA Novice Curriculum Committee (NCC) to creates, maintains, and distributes the Evidence Set for use in restricted evidence Novice Divisions.

Who is able to use the NCS? The NCC shall make the evidence set available to all ADA members and anyone attending a tournament utilizing the evidence set. The NCC may make the evidence set available to any other person or school as it deems beneficial.

Who will update the evidence? Two waves of updates are currently scheduled for October 9th and 31st.  In addition to evidence created or solicited by the NCC, Novice Debaters who compete in tournaments utilizing the restricted evidence set may submit updates from their own research to any file in the set for inclusion in the set. These updates must be submitted to the NCC by the Monday prior to each tournament for review by the NCC.  No evidence from such updates may be used until the NCC has approved the evidence and added it to the evidence set. Such updates are to be the product of the Novice Debaters’ own research, and not that of other teammates or coaches.