Novice Curriculum

The Novice Curriculum and Novice Curriculum Committee were created after the 2016 Summer meeting, which passed a rule creating a Novice Curriculum at ADA tournaments for the first semester of every school year.

This page will have links to FAQ Information, General NCC Rules and the Novice Packet and updates. Check back here throughout the year to download the novice evidence set and updates.

More information:

Announcement of Rule

2019-2020 Novice Evidence Packet:

The packet is available here:

Aff / Neg: Arms Control with China

Aff / Neg: SBSP with China

Aff / Neg: SSA with China [Liberty]

CP: Unilateral

DA: Allied Backlash

DA: China Legitimacy

DA: Espionage

K: Astropolitics

Topic Defense / Impacts



Wave 2: Available post-GSU—Wednesday, 9/18

Balance updates for existing files

CP: Consult Allies

DA: 2020

2018-2019 Novice Evidence Packet:

Will be available here in August, 2018.

2017-2018 Novice Evidence Packet:

Health Care Topic Novice Packet

Completed Drafts:

Impact D (GMU)

Market CP (GMU)

Pharma DA (Minnesota)

Single Payer Aff (Navy)

Soft Power DA (Liberty)

States CP (Emory)

Topicality (Georgia)


Brain Drain DA (Indiana)

Econ DA (GMU)

Neolib/Cap K (Emory)

Util Good/Bad (Miami)

Closer to September 1:

Aff 2 [Catastrophic Insurance?] (Vanderbilt)

Federalism DA (Trinity—hopefully?)

Suggested Possibilities:


Spending/Budget Tradeoff DA

Politics / Elections DA