Front Royal Cup

About the Award

These awards recognize the two-person teams in each division with the strongest tournament results during the invitational season. The award is named for the site of the American Debate Association’s founding meeting in Front Royal, Virginia.

2019 Results


1. Liberty (Isaac Liu & Ryan Wittstock)

2. Liberty (Joseph Barron & Addison Wagner)

3. Liberty (Natalie Robinson & Rachel Solsman)

Junior Varsity

1. George Mason (Mary Beth Armstrong & Julia Soczynski)

2. Miami (Julia Lynch & Jiaying Li)

3. Liberty (Morgan Copeland & Emily Schwab)


1. Kentucky (Dan Bannister & Anthony Trufanov)

2. Georgia (Nathan Rice & Johnnie Stupek)

3. Northwestern (Gabe Jankovsky & Joe Weideman)

2018 Results


1. George Mason (Jordan April & Karl Heinlein)

2. Liberty (Megan Muldoon & Amelia Ritenour)

3. George Mason (Shana Pedersen & Sebastian Ruiz)

Junior Varsity

1. George Mason (Habiba Ahmed & Pavan Reddy)

2. Boston College (Ben Dewhurst & Nicholas Wong)

3. George Mason (Emily Beck & George Ludwig)


1. Harvard (Ayush Midha & Hemanth Sanjeev)

2. Kansas (Quaram Robinson & Will Katz)

3. Northwestern (Pauline Esman & Christopher Callahan)

2017 Results


1. George Mason (Emily Beck and Ben Troxel)

2. George Mason (Anthony Guzman and Pavan Reddy)

3. George Mason (Ben Biggs and Logan Ludwig)

Junior Varsity

1. Liberty (Brianna Gulchuk and Ali Washburn)

2. Liberty (Brianna Thomas and Lucas Bishop)

3. Samford (Robbie Nikont and Moriah Windus)


1. Harvard (Ayush Midha & Hemanth Sanjeev)

2. Emory (Alex Gazmararian & Viveth Karthikeyan)

3. Minnesota (Rohit Asirvatham & Teja Leburu)

2016 Results


1. Liberty (Gulchuk and Thomas)

2. Vanderbilt (Carey & Kunte)

3. George Mason (Currier & Coon)

Junior Varsity

1. Liberty (Dabney & Wierschem)

2. Boston College (MacDonald & Pressman)

3. Vanderbilt (Cohen & Spingarn)


1. Harvard (Herman & Sanjeev)

2. Emory (Karthikeyan & Sigalos)

3. George Mason (Kaye & Kwon)

2015 Results


1. Vanderbilt (Gill & Kohlmaier)

2. Miami CS (Cavell & Shah)

3. Liberty SY (Smith & Young)

Junior Varsity

1. Boston College (Pressman & MacDonald)

2. George Mason HM (Hansen & Massa)

3. Liberty BJ (Bordelon & Jackson)


1. Emory (Karthikeyan & Sigalos)

2. Kentucky HR (Hampton & Roman)

3. Georgia BF (Boyce & Feinberg)



The award is calculated by using a team’s strength of opposition  at ADA tournaments as the primary metric. Defeating a team that wins more often is worth more than defeating a team that wins less often. Points are also adjusted based on whether a victory was in an elimination round or not, and how many elimination round ballots are collected.  Finally, scores are adjusted for “good wins” and “bad losses.” “Good wins” are beating a team within the upper percentiles of the rankings. “Bad losses” are losing to a team within the lower percentiles of the rankings.