American Debate Association

2022-23 Season

Current Resolution:

Resolved: The United States should vest legal rights and/or duties in one or more of the following: artificial intelligence, nature, nonhuman animal species.

Tournament Schedule:

The American Debate Association (ADA) is committed to increasing participation, maintaining a balance between education and competition, and ensuring an equitable and fair activity for all programs, regardless of their size or experience, in intercollegiate policy debate.

In doing so we are excited to announce the tentative schedule of sanctioned Fall and Spring tournaments:

October 1-3KentuckyIn Person w/Limited % of Online Entries*ADA Novice Packet Tournament
October 14-16Mary WashingtonOnline*ADA Novice Packet Tournament
October 21-23Wayne StateOnline*ADA Novice Packet Tournament
October 29-31GonzagaHybrid*ADA Novice Packet Tournament
November 4-6LibertyHybrid
November 12-14ADA Fall Championship @ Wake ForestHybrid
January 5-7GeorgetownIn Person w/Limited % of Online Entries
January 14-16NavyIn Person
January 21-23IndianaHybrid
January 27-29MinnesotaHybrid
January 27-29James MadisonIn Person
February 18-19D7 JV/Novice @ Mary WashingtonIn Person
March 3-5ADA National Championship @ GeorgetownHybrid
Updated February 13, 2023

Tournament schedule updates can be found here and here.