Novice Curriculum Rule Passed for 2016-2017

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2016 ADA Novice Curriculum Rule

  1. TOURNAMENT DESIGNATION – Tournaments may choose to host a Novice Division with a restricted evidence set. If a tournament chooses to host such a Novice Division, Debaters competing in that division may only use evidence from the set maintained by the ADA Novice Curriculum Committee. Tournaments that wish to host a Novice Division with the curriculum restriction should notify the ADA Executive Committee with their request for tournament sanctioning and state the same in the tournament invitation. Tournaments during the Fall Semester are encouraged to host a Novice Division with a restricted evidence set. Sweepstakes points from Novice Divisions with a restricted evidence set shall be counted the same as from those without.
  1. EVIDENCE SET – It shall be the duty of the ADA Novice Curriculum Committee (NCC) to create, maintain, and distribute the Evidence Set for use in restricted evidence Novice Divisions. At the beginning of each season the NCC shall release a list of the tournaments that have indicated their intention to host a Novice Division where evidence is to be limited to the evidence set. At that time the NCC shall release the initial evidence set as well as a schedule of planned additions to the evidence set for the season. The NCC shall make the evidence set available to all ADA members and anyone attending a tournament utilizing the evidence set. The NCC may make the evidence set available to any other person or school as it deems beneficial.
  1. STUDENT UPDATES – In addition to evidence created or solicited by the NCC, Novice Debaters who compete in tournaments utilizing the restricted evidence set may submit updates from their own research to any file in the set for inclusion in the set. The NCC shall include in its initial season announcement the procedure and timing for submission of Novice Debater updates. No evidence from such updates may be used until the NCC has approved the evidence and added it to the evidence set. Such updates are to be the product of the Novice Debaters’ own research, and not that of other teammates or coaches.