The ADA Executive Committee typically meets three times a year – at the National Communication Association annual convention, at the ADA National Championship Tournament, and at the May business meeting.

Updates from the May 18, 2018 meeting at UMW:


1) The University of Georgia has been chosen as the 2019 ADA National Championship host, and the dates are March 8-10 (Fri-Sun).


2) New officers elected:

President – Danielle Verney O’Gorman

Vice President – Patrick Waldinger

Treasurer – Nick Ryan

Secretary – Lindsey Shook

Topic Rep – Adrienne Brovero


3) Rules proposals:

These are still subject to the membership ballot, but the following rules proposals passed in the meeting:

  • Decision Times
  • Sweepstakes
  • Format
  • Elimination of the entire current “Swing Teams” provision
  • Definition of a debate team

The novice eligibility, travel/exam delays, and forfeit proposals were tabled on the basis of needing further work before additional consideration.


Information about the May 18, 2018 meeting at UMW appears below:

ADA Business Meeting Agenda-5-18-18

ADA Rules Change Proposals-5-18-18

Bids for the 2019 ADA National Championship Tournament:

ADA Nats Bid Proposal – UGA 2019

American Debate Association Bid – Binghamton 2019

Information about the 2018 NCA Convention can be found here. Specific ADA meeting and panel time slots will be posted when available.



Reports produced for business meetings can be found here.