ADA Nats Fees 2023

2023 ADA Nationals Fees


All schools entered at ADA Nationals must be current members

Division Fees:

For online teams: $100 per team, covering the platform, tabbing expenses, and trophies. 

For in-person teams: $100 per person, covering the above costs in addition to food and cleaning expenses.

Fee reductions and waivers are available by request. Please contact Patrick Waldinger

Fees will be locked in on Tuesday, February 28. 

Fees will be payable via credit card or electronic check. We will be establishing an online payment portal and will provide information soon.

For questions related to your payments, please contact Matt Liu

2023 ADA Nationals Fees per Team – Online

Team fees for the 2023 ADA Nationals Debate Tournament


2023 ADA Nationals Fees per Person – In person fees

Per person fees for individuals in attendance at the 2023 ADA Nationals Debate Tournament.


2022-23 ADA Membership Dues

1 Year membership dues for the 2022-23 season